We develop the portfolio of your medicinal products and food supplements

A competitive product portfolio is an essential success factor for companies.  The products should be innovative, new and unique. However, development ties up resources, time and costs a lot of money. But it has to be done, because "nothing is as old as yesterday's success" [Freddy Quinn]. 

We make your work easier and help you to be fast and innovative through our many years of experience and our large network. Even if you are entering new regulatory territory, you can rely on us.


Product development easy!

You are active in the market for food supplements and want to expand your range to include medicines? No problem, we are experts in this field!
And vice versa, if you come from the pharmaceutical sector and want to enter the growth market of food supplements, you can rely on our help.

We look at your portfolio, familiarise ourselves with your business model and develop new products with you.

We know the right raw material suppliers worldwide, the current scientific and legal data situation and make suggestions for exciting ingredients.
If you sell raw materials yourself, we will develop ready-made sample products for you (ready to market). A trend and a great service for your customers.

We know our stuff!

We create product lines with associated concepts and determine the type and quantity of ingredients.
Innovative galenics can be part of a successful product strategy and offer opportunities for advertising claims. 

We can do that too!

We can help build an innovative portfolio of dietary supplements and medicines, improve an existing portfolio, explain and communicate better, diversify their offering, strengthen their scientific and medical expertise and ultimately increase sales and profits.

We can also help foreign companies understand the German market, sell finished products and raw materials in the German market or find buyers and sellers.

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