We support you in introducing your product portfolio to the German pharmacy market

We analyse the competitive environment of your planned or existing product portfolio for food supplements, Foods for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP), cosmetic products as well as for over-the-counter (OTC), over-the-counter and prescription (RX) medicines in order to evaluate, accompany and optimise your market entry, the market situation or market expansion in pharmacies and with pharmaceutical wholesalers in Germany.

In doing so, we take pricing, marketing activities, sales opportunities and cooperations in the competitive environment as well as the demands of your potential customers as a basis. We are supported in this by pharmacists who, due to their many years of experience in the market, know exactly what the pharmacy on site or in the mail order business really needs to communicate with customers. In this way, you experience:

  • What pricing is necessary and makes sense?
  • What marketing activities can I use to reach pharmacists as customers?
  • Are displays, pavement riders, etc. really a must-have?
  • How can I support pharmacists with marketing activities so that your products "land" not only in the pharmacy but also with the consumer?
  • How can products be placed in the pharmacy in the first place? We can facilitate test markets in Berlin and other cities.
  • Which condition models are attractive, not only for the pharmacist but also for the listing with the pharmaceutical wholesaler?
  • How can I optimally train and accompany my distribution partners and customers? 
  • Which placement with which distribution partner makes sense and is important?

For these questions and topics, we are not only available to advise you, for example by carrying out location analyses and supporting you in the selection of TOP pharmacies for your specific product or portfolio based on our experience and knowledge. We also conduct the desired training courses on site at the pharmacy or pharmaceutical wholesaler and suggest test persons from the pharmacy environment (pharmacists, PTAs and PKAs) as well as cosmeticians for your desired product tests.

We will be happy to make you an individual offer!